Company Identity

High on football fever and badly want to get involved in the sport more than being a spectator? We are here for giving you a chance to better enjoy the game. We organize and give betting deals on games from the zonal level to the national level. And more importantly, we are legally compliant which means you will not be scrutinized by any jurisdiction.

Game with us

You can place single bets, and group bets with our gambling assistants or with each other. Bets can be placed on the final outcome of the game, players list, players’ individual performance, and cards showed in the game. Odds are different and are decided by the players before each game. The betting game closes before the half-time of each game and if slots are available you can join in the game anytime before closing. If the bet is on a high-profile and hyped game, we conduct contest also which surmounts on the game prize. We conduct off-season betting games too, so you can keep up the spirit of the game alive round the year. The winning amounts are exempted from tax as we get the concerned approval from the authorities. So, you take home your entire winning amount minus the payouts. We are technically compliant too, allowing you to play through live streaming video facility for games played at far-off venues. Another unique facility we offer for our registered permanent members is the carry over system. When you place high betting amounts and end up on the losing side, don’t worry about giving off the entire money. We allow a part of your bet amount to get carried over to the next game you play.

So quickly register with us, for the gaming season is at the doorstep and we give special membership discounts. We need only your ID proof and phone number and a game of chance off the field can reward you in leaps.